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Privacy Policy for Redirect AMP to HTML Web extension for Firefox and Chromium

Every part of the extension works locally on your device. It doesn’t need to connect to any third-party web services and it doesn’t collect or transmit any infromation about you, your browsing habit, or your device.

The extension scans all webpages to detect AMP-formatted webpages. When AMP-formatted pages are detected, the extension then scans it for the non-AMP version of the same webpage. If one is found, the extension redirects you to the non-AMP version. available.

The extension temporarily stores information about redirects to detect and avoid loops (e.g. page 1 redirects to page 2, which redirects to page 1 which redirects back to page 2, etc.) This information is cleared when you close the tab in your web browser.

The extension development is funded through coffee gifts and donations.