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  • “Please try and disable all your extensions,” might have to go on my gravestone at this point. Yes, all those symptoms can be caused by one or a combination of extensions. No, I’m not surprised the issue went away after you disabled your extensions. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • 🐧 Here are some documentation for Vivaldi’s new “Decryption failed: risk of data loss” dialog that might appear on startup for users. I might have forgotten to prepare the documentation page for this feature before it went live. forum.vivaldi.net/post/762768 Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • New badge, who this? (This is a test that only works when viewed on Vivaldi Social.) social.vivaldi.net/@daniel/112 Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • I’m playing with 🐞 Ladybird browser this evening. It’s a very ambitious project that’s building a new independent browser engine. Respect. It has seen some real improvements since I looked at it a year ago. ladybird.dev/ Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • @rachelandrew Any chance of getting RSS feeds for web.dev blogs and series? Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • I struggle to process it whenever I see Kevin Sorbo’s face in the news or social media associated with whatever the latest incredibly dumb thing he has said. To me, he was the last guardian of The Systems Commonwealth; a hero from another time. He was supposed to rekindle the light of civilization and reunite the galaxy…. Captain Dylan Hunt would have punched Kevin Sorbo’s face into a black hole. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

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