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  • I’m receiving a steadily increasing flow of clearly large-language model (LLM) generated “personal” emails every week now. They waste more and more of my time. Is this the new normal? 📧 It’s mostly something somewhat related to something I’ve published in the last few years.I want to answer people and I can generally spot the LLM crap. However, they are getting notably more difficult to identify. It’s also incredibly annoying to learn it was an LLM all along when someone responds with some LLM fever dream within seconds of sending them a response. It almost always turns out to be SEO spam that eventually insists that I update an old article by linking to some “high-quality” LLM-generated garbage.I’ll soon need to use an LLM to respond on my behalf. 🙄 Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • chrome://gpu says “GpuProcessHost: The info collection GPU process exited normally. Everything is okay.” Do we need more reassuring “everything is okay” log messages in our lives? 🤔 Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • I’m looking forward to shipping the Vivaldi 6.6 update. The desktop release will contain many minor but welcome quality-of-life fixes and improvements. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • May you find your way soon, Mozilla. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • “[] devs experiment with automatic browser ” — Thomas Claburn, The Register. theregister.com/2024/02/13/goo
    I did not expect we would see a second wind for the standard after both Coil and Flattr folded last year. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • Windows 95 Man – No Rules youtu.be/aaIxsEPoS28
    Finland, are you okay? 🇫🇮 Posted on Vivaldi Social on

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