Daniel Aleksandersen

Who is Daniel?

Hi. I’m a specialist in obscure details. Which is just a nicer way of saying “obsessive perfectionist, and an observer of and enthusiast for obscure subjects.”

I write regularly about the things that interest me at any given time over at Slight Future.

I strongly dislike the concept of locking everyone into “ecosystems” delivered by huge multinational companies and advocate for the open web and privacy online.

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Commented on issue piwik/piwik#9796

Here is a rough unfiltered list. The first 20 results were all this very issue (didn’t bother clicking through the 100 remaining threads), but your…

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Re: Signal for Desktop is here!

I don’t use Chrome as I live in Firefox. I thought we’d moved beyond locking services to one browser by now.Google have already announced that they’ll discontinue Chrome Apps by 2018. Isn’t Si…

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10.06.2016 22:47

Nine years ago I was part of an idealistic group of web advocates looking to free the web from the tyranny of the big silos. We saw web identity as a core part of the web’…