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  • on the brink? The Big Three may effectively be down to a Big Two, and right quick.” — Bruce Wray brycewray.com/posts/2023/11/fi Posted on Mastodon on

  • I’m gonna have to host this thing myself again, haven’t I? My Mastodon host, Fedi.monster, does not offer full-text search (ElasticSearch). Exporting the database and searching it by hand to rediscover posts is getting old. I wish I could just use my domain with one of the existing instances rather than having to maintain a full instance just to get my domain as the handle. Mastodon is nothing like email. Posted on Mastodon on

  • Please repeat after me: Low peak RAM consumption is not in itself a useful metric. What you want is efficient RAM usage with no memory leaks and a fast and sensible response to system memory pressure. You did not pay for all that RAM for your apps and system not to use it. Posted on Vivaldi Social on

  • Are all PC hardware issues caused by poorly tested and non-interoperable power-savings tech? Every time I’ve needed to fix an issue lately — regardless of the hardware — the process always ends up being the same: 1. identify the failing component, and 2. disable all its power-saving options. It fixes unexpected hangs and hard reboots, stuttering, dead Ethernet controllers, graphics corruption, unresponsive touchpads, and more. Posted on Mastodon on

  • Dozens of my old domains expired today. I hope they'll remain unclaimed, but expect to see them reregistered and used to spread crap within a few hours or days. Posted on Mastodon on

  • Bcachefs has finally been merged into the Kernel! I’m gonna need to find some time to play with it. phoronix.com/news/Bcachefs-Mer Posted on Mastodon on

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