Daniel Aleksandersen

Who is Daniel?

Hi. I’m a specialist in obscure details. Which is just a nicer way of saying “obsessive perfectionist, and an observer of and enthusiast for obscure subjects.”

I write regularly about the things that interest me at any given time over at Slight Future.

I strongly dislike the concept of locking everyone into “ecosystems” delivered by huge multinational companies and advocate for the open web and privacy online.

Recent activities

Blog article

The constant software update tyranny

My immediate response to dialogs that excitedly pop up proclaiming that “New Software Update is Available!” is always “I don’t care.” —and it happens a lot more often than it should. Here …

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Windows Store’s WindowsUpgrade URI

It turns out that the one thing that immediately interested my readers in my recent article “How-to encrypt backups using Windows 10’s built-in tools” was my use of the undocumented ms-windows-s…

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Review of Linode VPS – 2 GB RAM plan for $10/month

Five weeks ago I moved my virtual private servers (VPS) from DigitalOcean to Linode. Linode celebrated their 13th birthday by generously increasing the amount of RAM provided with all of their plans w…

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Cache-Control plugin for WordPress

I’ve mentioned my Cache-Control plugin for WordPress before in passing, but I’d now like to explain what it does in more detail. The Cache-Control plugin for WordPress does what the name suggest: …

Google+ post

10.06.2016 22:47

Nine years ago I was part of an idealistic group of web advocates looking to free the web from the tyranny of the big silos. We saw web identity as a core part of the web’…